Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer 2010 Recap - Part I

It is confirmed... I'm a horrible blogger! Oh, well. Here is my attempt at giving a little review of our summer.

In late June my friends threw me a wonderful Baby Shower. It was earlier than usual (8th month I guess), but I wanted my mom to be a part of it so we had to do before July, 4th when she left. Many wonderful ladies came and they truly showered me and our little one with tons of gifts and love!

Naajie, Becca & Janet holding baby Charlotte

Jane (fellow Towson graduate), Maggie (my wonderful mentor) & Sheila (adopted mentor)

My sweet friend Jan (another Towson casualty, I mean graduate)

Jane together with Lauren and Lori, who are both expecting too!

Bobbi y mi mama :0

There are way too many gift pictures. Here is one representing the rest.

In late July we had a blast spending a weekend with some very cool friends in Massanutten, VA. The Wilcox and Marcantonio families spent a week at this gorgeous resort and decided to have a little more company (in case they were getting bored with all five kiddos) and invited us and the Averills. We were blessed with very nice weather, a refreshing pool and ice cream. What else could you ask for? Their cool company, of course!

Annie and Cara holding baby Nate and Esme

The dads at the ice cream place

Emma and I reading a story

Not many people probably remember, but this summer was the Soccer World Cup. Remember? South Africa? Argentina NOT winning? There you go, now you remember! In any event, we did have fun watching games with the Campins and the last sad game against Germany with my bro-in-law and his sweet baby girl Lulu.

Lulu waving the Argentina flag.

This concludes the first installment of Summer 2010 Recap. Who knows, I may write the next one before Thanksgiving!