Monday, July 19, 2010

Auto Nuevo

Despues de pasar cuatro meses compartiendo un auto, Dios nos dio la oportunidad de comprar una hermosa van al estar anticipando la llegada de Baby Spitzberg. Vivir en las suburbias de Washington, DC hacen casi imposible vivir sin auto, asi que estamos mas que agradecidos por el nuevo (para nosotros ya que es usado) auto. Aca estan un par de fotos en la puerta de la concesionaria.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Reviving the Blog

In an effort to inform friends and family of what we are up to, I'm reviving this blog. Our first child will be arriving in October (yeah!!) and I have a hunch we will be taking many pictures of him/her. I hope this will be a media to share about our lives and our small, but growing family. As way of review, this is what we've been up to:

* Back in September 2009, we moved into our very own first home!

* Dave, his mom, and I went to Argentina for one week (in March) to celebrate my niece, Jimena's, 15th birthday.

* My mom came back with us to stay for 3 months (we miss her so)

* I graduated from Towson with an Elementary / Special Education Degree (very grateful to God for having accomplished this goal)

* Dave is getting in touch with his inner Hispanic man and joined a Latin band (The Mauricio Valerde Band) - Mama Carmen is in the picture because she is an honorary member.

* Our niece Lulu is growing and getting even more incredibly sweet, smiley, and just too darn cute! - Here she is showing off her hula skirt to celebrate her dada's birthday.

* Our baby is growing...

As you can see we are living a full, blessed life.